I have started an individual project, in which I recreate in 3D Isometric all the places that have inspired me.
This is the Second chapter in the series.
'TOKYO DOME CITY ', consisting of a variety of facilities.
This is a place I often go to, I still get lost due to the large number of attractions and facilities .(lol)
I invested my memories when producing this in addition to deepening my understanding of this place.
The keywords of Tokyo Dome City, with its many facilities, are not only "enjoyment", but also "watching" and "relaxing".
For that reason, and to avoid the impression becoming too childish, there was just a hint of pink, 
and sky blue was combined with a subdued bluish-toned base so as not to lose its bright sensitivity.
Additionally, I avoided too hard an image, by incorporating graphic elements using an appropriate noise gradation texture.
Watch the video to see how much the little humans, who are the symbol of my work, are enjoying this place!​​
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